The Simple Steps To Owning a Post-Frame Building

Step 1

Define Your Needs

As with any successful project, it is important to start by defining your wants and needs. Consider the available site space and your requirements. In addition to your current needs, also think about your future plans for the space.

Step 2

Get a Free Quote

You've been dreaming about something big. Tell us about it! Our experienced staff will turn your ideas into a pole barn design and quote for your review.

Step 3

Order Your Building

Once you've finalized the structural design and selected colors, place your order with Made Right. After you sign the order and provide a deposit, we will coordinate with our manufacturing and installation teams to establish a mutually agreed upon schedule.

Step 4

Prepare Your Site

While our crew works on fabricating your new building, you'll need to take a few simple steps to prepare the job site. See more details on preparing your site on our foundations requirements page.

Step 5


Once materials are delivered, our experienced crews will handle pouring the foundation and erecting the post-frame building to your specifications.

Get Started With Your Own Post-Frame Building

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